How To Prepare Subaru WRX For Off Road

How To Prepare Subaru WRX For Off Road

Some enthusiasts treat rallying as a full-time passion while others view it as a quick adrenaline rush on the weekends. But regardless of where you land, let’s be real: tackling those dirt roads can make your Subaru WRX work up a sweat!

Whether you're escaping the city roads or testing your driving chops, ensure your WRX is up for the task. You don't want to find yourself bogged down in mud, wondering why you didn't choose another route.

What factors enhance the rally capability of the Subaru WRX?

Now, every WRX has some rally in its DNA. But not all are equal when it comes to getting down and dirty. Some models, especially ones with better ground clearance, differential, and all-wheel drive, are basically begging you to challenge them.

Taking a sporty sedan off the pavement? Here's what gives the Subaru WRX its rally crown.

Ground Clearance Matters

When it comes to ground clearance, think of it as the buffer between your WRX's underbelly and those sneaky rocks waiting to give it a "hello" tap. Higher ground clearance, especially in rally situations, means fewer ouch moments for your car’s underside.

So, WRX models with the right clearance can handle those rough patches, while others may need a bit more caution.

Engine Displacement

A robust engine in the WRX? That’s your ticket to conquering those terrains. Smaller engines? Think of it as bringing a spoon to a knife fight. But Subaru doesn't skimp on this – the WRX is powered up and ready for a challenge.

Transmission Choices

The WRX's transmission is more than just gears; it’s the bridge between you and the action. Automatics are smooth, but if you want to feel every shift, every rev, a manual transmission in the WRX is like wearing your favorite old leather gloves – fits perfectly, feels great, and has been through a lot with you.

All-Wheel Drive Advantage

When it comes to the WRX, all-wheel drive isn't just a feature, it's a lifestyle. Ensuring that power gets to all wheels means you have the upper hand, whether it's a slippery slope or a challenging bend.

Top-Notch Safety Systems

With the Subaru WRX, safety isn't an afterthought. Features like TC, ABS, ESP, and more aren't just acronyms – they're your rally co-pilots, ensuring that even when you're pushing the limits, you're still in control.

How to Gear Up Your Subaru WRX for Off-Roading Adventures?

If you own a Subaru WRX, you know it's not just a car; it's a canvas of potential! Sure, it comes with a ton of fun right out of the factory, but who says you can't take it a notch higher?

Maybe you're planning a casual drive through some scenic mountain trails, or perhaps a full-throttle mud-splashing adventure. Either way, your WRX will appreciate a little prep time.

For those itching for excitement, ever ready to embrace the unknown, prepping your Subaru isn't just a choice; it's an art. And remember, the sky's the limit... or rather, your bank account is!

Essential Upgrades

Whether you're planning a light forest drive or testing the WRX in the murky unknown, you can't skip these must-haves.

Jump Starter Kit

A jump starter is like the backup singer that saves the day when the lead goes off-tune. If your WRX's battery decides to take a little siesta in the middle of nowhere, this bad boy will get you singing—er, driving—again.

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First Aid Kit

Let's make sure the only scars you get from off-roading are metaphorical. A well-stocked first aid kit is like a superhero's utility belt, always there when you need it.

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Tool Kit

Heading off-road without a good tool kit is like a comedian without jokes. It just doesn't work. Make sure you're packed with everything you'd need for your Subaru's unexpected hiccups.

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Tire Repair Kit

Your WRX's tires love adventure as much as you do, but sometimes they can get a little too enthusiastic. A repair kit ensures that a small mishap doesn't end your day early.

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You know what's essential in the wilderness? Snacks. And water. You wouldn't want to end up on a survival show, would you? Keep your stash packed!

Warm Clothing

Temperatures can swing faster than moods during a family dinner. Pack some extra jackets and blankets, so you're always ready for what nature throws at you.

Portable Air Compressor

This is like having a magician in your trunk. Want to cruise smoothly on soft terrains? Adjust your tire pressure with this little wonder on the fly.

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Adventures are fun, but being lost? Not so much. Whether it's a high-tech GPS or a good ol' map, make sure you have something to guide your way.

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Optional Improvements

Got the basics? Fantastic. Now, let's make your Subaru WRX the king or queen of the off-road world.

Off-road Rims/Tires

Every good outfit starts with the shoes. And your Subaru's no different. Get it a set of off-road tires and let it waltz through the wilderness with unmatched grace.

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Bull Bar

Ever accidentally knocked over a display of ceramic clowns at a yard sale? Believe me, it's a mess. That's where the bull bar comes in for your Subaru WRX, almost like a safety net at a trapeze show. It guards the front, ensuring those unpredictable off-road critters and obstacles don't end up in your grille like unwanted guests at a dinner party.

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Roof rack

So, thinking about that extended off-road trip? Imagine being stuck without your favorite wrench or your mom's homemade meatloaf. A roof rack on your WRX ensures you have room for all your tools, snacks, and maybe even a porcelain clown or two.

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Light bar

Ever try to find a pair of matching socks in the dark? Me neither, but having a light bar on your Subaru WRX is kinda like turning on a flashlight in a pitch-black room. Suddenly, every bump and obstacle becomes clear as day, making your nighttime escapades a little less... adventurous.

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Additional battery

If you're like me and always have gadgets plugged in every which way, you're going to love this one. Add an extra battery to your WRX. It ensures your main battery doesn't throw in the towel when you're rocking out to your favorite tunes or using that nifty light bar to navigate the woods at midnight.

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Planning on forging rivers like you're in some action-packed movie? You'll want a snorkel for your WRX. It’s like giving your car a snorkeling vacation, ensuring it doesn’t choke on water when you decide to play Moses parting the Red Sea.

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Anything else before taking your Subaru WRX off-road?

Before you tear up some dirt with your trusty WRX, give it a quick check-over. It's kinda like looking both ways before crossing the street. So, what are we peeking at?

  • Engine: It should purr rather than hiss. You don't want it sounding like my Aunt Agnes's old coffee maker.
  • Suspension: Should feel like a dream rather than a bumpy pony ride.
  • Brakes: These need to be sharper than a stand-up comedian's wit.
  • Liquids, Liquids, Liquids: Like making sure you have enough soda for a party, check your oils, coolants, and fluids.
  • Fuel: Don’t pull a rookie move and run out of gas in the middle of nowhere. It's almost like forgetting the punchline to a joke.

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Wrapping Up

Getting your Subaru WRX ready for an off-road journey is like prepping for a big car show. You want everything in tip-top shape and all the essentials at hand (first aid kit, toolkit, that sandwich you swore you'd eat later). Toss in some added bells and whistles, and you’re set to tackle whatever comes your way. Alright, let's hit the road and see where it takes us!

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